Feature Request

We have just started using Monday.com as a company and so far so good. There are a few things however we are wishing it could do. The main one being able to link items on aboard to another item. This will be VERY helpful for us, allowing us to link jobs to another job we are woking on.

Here you go: Connect Boards Column (Previously Link to Item Column) – Support

I know you can do that and we use this feature to link between boards. What I wish to do is to link one item with another. e.g. have a way to know they are linked.
Might be asking fro this impossible.

Hi @ElloiseThomson - Do you mean you want to link items within the same board? You can do that using the same Connect Boards column, just set it up to link to itself.

If you are instead asking for a more visual way to see the information in the linked item without mirroring a bunch of columns, take a look at the Item Card view (you add it by opening an item on your board, click “Add View” and then add the Item Card view. It will show you more information at the bottom in its vertical layout, including the linked item(s).

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Ahhh brilliant!

Thank you for your help! I will see if I can make this work.