Fetch items of all boards ordered and filtered by updated_at


I want to fetch items across all boards ordered by updated_at descending, and want to filter those by updated_at. Now the query is not supported, so I have got 3 steps for fetching the results:

  1. Fetch list of all boards from monday v2 API
  2. In my app, the list is reordered and filtered by updated_at
  3. Fetch list of activity_logs filtered by the boards list, “from” fields, and “to” fields (because items cannot be ordered or filtered by updated_at)

Those queries are a little bit expensive… Like “newest_first” argument (https://monday.com/developers/v2#queries-section-items), if I could choice “updated_first” or so, there’s nothing that could make me happier than this!!!


Hi @imai , as you said, currently we are not supporting filtering by ‘updated_first’.
We have this feature in our backlog and planning to do it, but i can’t commit on a timeline currently.


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Hi Yoav, thank you for your rapid reply. It’s more than enough. I wait the feature!