Fetching updates related to an item

Hi everyone,

Since a couple of days we are receiving (we think) incorrect data using the GraphQL API for Monday. Or atleast the behaviour is not as expected.

We are trying to query items inside of a specifc group and we want to retrieve the updates that are linked to each item.

We are using the following query:

query {
    boards  (ids: 294306894) {
        groups (ids: new_group)  {
            items {
                updates {

We do get updates but instead of each item having its own array of their own updates, every item has an identical array containing all updates from different items. Also adding item_id to the properties list for the updates we do see different ids which indicate the updates in the list are not just the updates for the item.

I can’t remember this was the normal behaviour and it started about 6-7 days ago according our logs. How can I change the query so the updates list only contains the updates that are linked to the item?


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Hey there @ElasticWeb :wave:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and my warmest welcome to the community. I’m sorry that your reason to reach out is a behavior like this.

I’ve just tested this on my end, and I do seem to be able to reproduce. I am going to go ahead and repot this to our developers, and I will get back to you as soon as I can with an update (how fitting!)

Thank you for your understanding and patience in the meantime.


Great thanks! Do you have by any change an update regarding this issue? It does seem to be fixed.


Sorry for keeping you in the dark about this! We did find a fix and deployed it on Sunday, but are still monitoring the issue to make sure everything is working smoothly.

I’m glad to hear it seems to be working as intended for you now.


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