Few Questions regarding Query API

Can you please help us for below API Details

  1. For Items, we are seeing fields/attributes like Creator but not like last updated by. So can you please let us know if there is any field to identify who updated the Items last ?

  2. How can we query the list of Items applying the filter on fields/attributes like created_at, creator/creator_id, updated_at

There is an API for Querying items by column values, but that gives error while used with these attributes. Example :query {
items_by_column_values (board_id: 20178755, column_id: “updated_at”, column_value: “2021-03-23”) {

  1. For updates and Activity log API, is below understanding correct ?
    For retrieval of updates on Items, For updates performed within Board the Activity log API is to be used and for updates done outside of the Board Updates API should be used"

  2. For Activity Log and Updates Query API, we don’t see filter possibility. is it possible to retrieve the updates/Activity log performed after a specific time ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @TechOpsHub!

There is indeed a field for items called updated_at which would return the date of when the item was last updated. Here is the section in our API guide that outlines this. Is this what you had in mind?

While there’s no argument for items that would allow you to “filter” the items returned, you can query all of the relevant items and their fields (i.e. updated_at, creator, created_at) and then filter them yourself.

For your third question, are you referring to Updates posted/activity logs? If so, changes to an item’s Updates section will not show up in the activity logs section. Is this what you were inquiring about?

Finally, for point 4, while you’re unable to “filter” Updates posted after a specific time, you can utilize the argument “from:” to query activity logs after a specific time. It would look something like this:

I hope this helps!

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Hi Helen,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply, below are some followup questions

  1. We are seeing updated_by(which can tell who updated the Item Last) field in addition to updated_at

  2. Is there any plan to have filters on these fields in near future ? It seems Filter on Columns is there but not for these standard fields

  3. If an Item is updated, all the details of all Update operation will be available within “Updates” API Response ? If not, which ones would be missing ?

  4. Thanks, we couldn’t see this option in the GraphQL API doc [API v2 Documentation]. Hope we are referring correct doc, if not please correct us.

Ignore, point #4 from above reply. I found the attribute. Sorry, my bad.

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Hi @TechOpsHub,

I’m afraid at this time, we don’t have plans in the near future to add more arguments to the columns() component, however I’m more than happy to forward your feedback to our developers.

Do you mind expanding on your second point? What details did you have in mind?


Hi Helen,

For 2nd point, i was thinking if we have filter possibility on fields like [created_at, creator/creator_id, updated_at ], it can be useful to retrieve the items list created/updated after a specific time or by a specific user. Such things can be very useful for the update based actions for tools integrating with monday.com to perform actions for Items created/updated after a given time.

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Additionally, for the Query on Activity log

Is there any way to retrieve the actions by event ? example, retrieve only the activities performed on Item create or column value update [Exclude the other events like Column add or other board activities] ?

Our observation is, Activity log will be returned in descending order of their time. Please confirm.
And let us know if its possible to provide ordering for Activity logs retrieval

Hi @TechOpsHub,

While we don’t have an “events” argument for activity_logs, you can “filter” using groups, items, or boards.

Yes-- the most recent event will be returned first (just as you see it in the UI).

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