Field 'items' doesn't exist on type 'Group

“query”: “query {boards (ids:[‘boardid’]){ groups (ids:[“groupid”]) { title id items(limit:10 page:1) {id name created_at state assets {id name url file_size file_extension } subscribers {id name email} column_values{id value type title text} subitems{id name state column_values{id type title value} subscribers {id name email} created_at parent_item {id}} group{id title}} }} }”

this is my query but it throws Field ‘items’ doesn’t exist on type 'Group.
if items not in group than items should me empty but due to this my query fails.

hi @vipul_ram

Welcome to the community. The error does not mean that there is no item in the group. What is tmeans is that the filed “items” can’t be used in a query with “groups”. This was correct in the API version 2023-01, but that version is depreciated. You should now use items_page, see Migration guide - 2023-10

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Thank you for the help @basdebruin !!

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