Field Team Mobile App

Hello community! Please share your recommendations!

I’m working with a retail construction company with about 600 team members in the field. We use Monday for everything upper management related (CRM, PMO, HR, Finance) and would like to tie in field team management. Currently, we utilize the Connecteams mobile app to:
• Schedule jobs
• Clock in and out
• Submit receipts
• Chat
• Create job check lists
• Send legal docs and agreements
• Company announcements (push notifications)
• Library (training, job info, company policies, etc.)

Has anyone utilized Monday for a similar use case?

Are there any prebuilt solutions that might help us?

If we need a custom app, who would you recommend?

Hi @rhutchison1990

Welcome to the community! You are in a right place to find a specialist.
I’m the founder of Kick Consulting. We are Australian Channel Partner and we also specialise in construction industry.

I’m happy to show you what we’ve set up for some of our clients. You can book some time with me through this link or with Kaya, who will be able to give you more info as well.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Hello @rhutchison1990,

I have seen your requirement and would love to assist you.

I am not sure that with all the above features any App is available in the market but we can develop an App with all the functionality that you are looking for.

Kindly reach out to me via so that we can discuss every aspects in detail.

Best Regards,

Thanks Elena! I’ve passed your info along to our team. I’ll be in touch soon!

Hi Rishabh! I’ve added your info to our queue. We’ll be in touch.

Robert, we can help. Sending you a PM

Sure @rhutchison1990, I am looking forward to it.

Hello @rhutchison1990,

Just Checking, is your requirement still active?

Best Regards,