File column update takes time to update

Hi there :wave:t2:,
We use the “special” file API route to send an image to a board in our integration. Sometimes, this could take up to 1 minute to update.
I also saw during the workshop that the dev team had the same problem. Is it something that you plan to improve? The user could think than nothing happens when it is slow.

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Hey @jeromeskiply :wave:

Thanks for reaching out about this one as well! I appreciate starting the conversation about this behavior.

Could this be related to the file size itself? Do you notice if smaller files take less time to upload/update than bigger files? It seems to me like that would be the root cause of this behavior - what do you think? :thinking:


No, file size is very small. It is random. Sometimes it is fast, sometimes not.


Thank you for clarifying! I’ll take a further look at this with the team and get back to you with their findings, that does sound quite odd.


Hi @AlexSavchuk,
After a deeper investigation, we think it was coming from our side.
Sorry for that.