File uploads API enhancement/improvement/suggestion

Since is hosted in AWS us-east-1, and many app developers host their apps there as well, any file uploads have to egress AWS and re-enter at CloudFlare, only to go right back to AWS us-east-1

This means app builders have to pay $0.09/GB for data egress (or less if youre doing more than 10TB, and after exhausting the free tier 100GB). This is based on the assumption its an integration, or a board view that utilizes its backend for certain functionality.

I propose a new API feature that will save app providers the cost of egressing AWS.

An API mutation much like the existing file upload, but instead of the file in the body, we provide a list of URLs (on whatever service, in this case S3 ideally). Monday can then download the files to its own S3 bucket, and respond to the request with success/fail.

Very convenient since there is a good chance the app developer is downloading and storing the files in s3 to start with.

With this we ALSO gain the ability to get a URL from the monday API for a file and provide that for an upload. Monday will instead get the file from itself, making it possible to copy a file from one item/update/board to another within monday without having to download/upload it.

This benefits app developers by eliminating transfer costs entirely (assuming we’re using us-east-1, but even other regions its much less than a full egress). There could even be a way to say what region the bucket is in, so monday can download from the correct region.

Hello @codyfrisch,

This sounds like a very interesting idea :slightly_smiling_face:

I have shared it with our team so it can be considered!

Thank you as always for the feedback and ideas!


Add me to voting for this idea @Matias.Monday

Hello @dean_m!

I have added your vote for this :slightly_smiling_face: