Filling Monday Forms with GET method

Good afternoon,

Is it possible to fill Form using the GET method?

For example, name1=firstValue&name2=secondValue&name3=thirdValue appended to the end of the URL would fill in the approrpriate values.

Thanks for reading!

Hey @gmrstudios – this sounds super cool!

At the moment there isn’t a way to programmatically fill out a form. What’s the use case here?

Bummer. The use case is taking data from a separate system and auto-filling the form with that data. Alternatively, can this be tackled via the API or webhooks? If so, where would a novice PHP programmer look for more information on being able to tackle this?

Ah, I see! Instead of using the form, I’d suggest using our API to send data to your boards.

If you’re looking for examples, try looking through this forum. We’ve got a couple of people who use PHP :slight_smile: