Filter for dependency dropdown for subitems

We would like the ability for the dependency dropdown menu to ONLY show the subitems that are specific to that main item. Perhaps a preset filter for the dependency dropdown that we can customize. The subitems for each item on our board are repetitive, using the same list of subitems among all our main items on the board. We need to set the dependencies of these subitems specific to other subitems within just that main item so that the due dates for each can auto update as needed. Currently, the dependency dropdown menu reflects all subitems that exist in the entire board and we are unable to distinguish which subitems pertain to the main item. Here is an example to clarify, item 1 is Property A which has subitems for Bedbug service, AC service, and Carpet cleaning. Item 2, 3, and 4 are Property B, C, and D which have the same set of subitems. And the subitems under a specific Property will only ever be dependent on the other subitems for the same Property.