Filter out webhooks that were API caused

I have a webhook set for a change on any column.

Nightly, I create/refresh the board to match our back-office system by calling the graphQl API. That causes many many webhooks to be called. I am adding or updating about 10 columns on 100 items which causes 1000 webhook calls to be sent in the period of a few seconds.

I don’t see a way in the data from the webhook to discern if it came from an API. *The userId is the same in my testing (logged on as me and change on the UI or changed by the API) but perhaps i will be able to filter based on that.

Another way would be to have a type of webhook that only fires on changes from the UI (not the API). or being able to send a parameter in the graphQL like webhook:0 where the user can tell the webhook related to this mutation to not fire.

HI @barrycox :wave:

This does seem like an interesting feature and I’ve added my vote to the request to help it gain traction :slight_smile:

That said, it seems like the main issue, in this case, is that the webhooks are coming from your user profile, based on the API key you are using. Would it make any sense for you to create a new Admin-level user within your account to distinguish for API calls? If you’d be interested, please send me a DM on the forum with your account URL and I’d be glad to continue the conversation :slight_smile: