Filter Tab Dissapears

When you’re within a board and you click filter, the pop up window for filtering appears but when your mouse goes outside the box it disappears. Really annoying and hard to avoid. If that could be fixed open that would be awesome. Here’s a video to show this -

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Hey! That’s strange. I immediately ran over and tested it and nothing happened on my end, the tab remained. I’m using chrome. what web browser are you using?

Hi there, I’m using chrome too. Happens to my colleagues who are also using chrome. Seems to be when you use the scroll bar then your mouse goes outside of the pop up window slightly.

yes, this happens to me in boards with too many columns, its a bug.
only trick to avoid this is to have pressed the mouse button in the scroll movement, then you can release it and select fields to filter.

I see … Yep. You are right !