Filtering planned effort per user

Hi All!

I have created a board for a project with each employee, the task and the planned effort. Now I need to take this information and populate a spreadsheet in order to submit the quote to the client.

I cannot find a way to filter the planned effort in the subitems per employee.

An example:

Stage 1
Bob - concept design - 57 hours
Bob - drawing - 65 hours
Bob documentation on site - 32 hours
Sam - Documentation - 30 hours
Sam - Modeling - 55 hours
John - Meetings - 42 hours

Stage 2
Bob - Modeling - 47 hours
Sam - Admin - 12 hours
John - Meetings - 23 hours
John - Traveling - 20 hours
John - Client admin - 8 hours

and this goes on for another 20 tasks and perhaps 10-30 subitems each.

I need to be able to take each subitems planned efforts per assigned employee.
So in the end I will end up with:

Stage 1
Bob X hours
Sam X hours
John X hours

Stage 2
Bob X hours
Sam X hours
John X hours

I hope that this makes sense :slight_smile:

Look forward to some ideas!

Hey Shane!

When you use the board filters, do you not have the options for subitem-specific column filtering? Here are some screenshots to show you what I’m referring to:

You should be able to create a separate saved view for each filter. For example, saving a new view for all the items where the subitem owner is Charlotte and then that should show a new view where it does a sum of all the items belonging to me in the numbers column.

You could create a new view for each person and this view will be dynamic and update as more items are added or numbers are changed.

Does this answer your question?

Sorry if I misunderstood how you have your board set up or what exactly you’re looking for! It might help to send some visuals of your board to our support team here so that we can better help resolve this!