Find an item and create subitem with Zapier

Need help with two things :

  1. In Zapier, I’m looking for a way to find a Monday item. I only have the name (first row string) of the item, not it’s ID. So basically is there a function to input a string and get back a monday item ID, or at least the first item ID with that string ?

  2. And once I have the Item ID, I need to add a subitem to that item. Is that possible with Zapier to create a subitem ? That would seriously change the workflow of our company. Thanks !

Hi @mildorviolon, welcome to the community!

Do you mind explaining a bit more about your use-case and workflow? The reason I ask is because I don’t currently believe we yet have a Zapier trigger that will just be consistently “listening” to your connect board.

However, if you do want this kind of capability, I would even recommend checking out Integromat, as they do allow you to set up a module that will constantly be monitoring your account for changes, and then initiate actions based off of those changes.

Regarding creating subitems, this yet isn’t supported by Zapier.

If you want to DM me (or even write into support) explaining a bit more about what you’re looking for, we would be happy to continue suggesting workarounds for you!


Hi :slight_smile:

No that’s not what I was looking for. Not a process to constantly cool at the monday account. On the contrary. I juste want, when something triggers, to be able to find an item in monday.

For example, we have a calendly account. When a client schedules a meeting through Calendly, we have his email address. It would then be nice to look in monday, see if we can find an item with the same email address, then update it.

So its a simple « find » action, not a constant thing.

Ok for the subitem. That’s a huge miss in my book.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Ahh okay! I see what you’re saying. Hmm yes, so it looks like the only missing step in this workflow is the one where you’re searching your board for the item with the email and returning the item ID of that item.

Taking a look, I see we only have one “search” action, and it doesn’t seem to fit well in this use-case.

Either way, I do think that Integromat could offer you more flexibility in this searching capability.

I can definitely forward your feedback about the Subitem capability in Zapier! Hopefully it gets built out soon.