Find item by item name (in the GraphQL API)

I’m currently trying to write a GraphQL query that finds items in a board using the item name. I assume I’m missing something obvious, because I can only find how to:

  • Query item by Id (Using the items function), or
  • Query item by the value of one of the columns (Using the items_by_column_values function)

It really seems like I’m missing something obvious

Hopefully somebody can help

Hi @GregFullardSyscor, welcome to our community!

Yes at this time, we currently do not have an API method that would allow you to “filter” the items on your board and only return ones that match a certain name.

In order to do this at this time, you would need to first return all of the items on your board(s) and their names. You can then filter through these and “match” the item names returned with the name you’re looking for.

I’m also moving this to our Feature Request section so we can continue to monitor this and use it for future feature improvement. Thank you!

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Using items_by_column_values and column id as “name” works.

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Thanks @Shilpa , works like a charm. I knew I was missing something obvious :slight_smile:

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