Finding pulse id on mobile?

I’m on vacation and sporadically check my email. When I get an update I would like to forward the email directly to an existing pulse on my board but it seems to be impossible to get the pulse id from the mobile app? I can’t even log in from mobile safari to get the id.

Am I missing something or is this not possible to obtain on a smartphone?

Hi @m.lamme, Martin

If your board contains an ItemID colum, this will show on your mobile (I did check it on Android monday app). When you press it the ID will be copied to your mobile’s clipboard. Is that what you are looking for?

Thank you, Yes! Didn’t think about making a column for the id.
Only I can’t copy it on the iOS app so I have to write it manually.
A bit cumbersome but it worked!

Glad it works (for a bit). On Android you can press (on hold shortly) and it will display “Copied!” en it is put in the clipboard. I don’t know if iOS does have a clipboard but if it does I would ask monday support for that functionality in the iOS client.

Yes, it works the exact same way on iOS, so it’s strange that it’s not possible to do it in the Monday app.