First Impressions & Requests

Hello! I’ve just switched over to After spending nearly a week getting everything set up, here’s some feedback based on my first impressions:

People are people:
Currently, only lets you set up a team member by issuing an invitation. But I do film & video production. Often, I need to track people before I have enough of a relationship with them to ask them to set up an account. For example, I might have a list of actors I’m interested in for a project. I’ve got the actor’s name, phone, & e-mail in my files. But I don’t need them to set up a account unless I actually decide to cast them in a project. I’d love to be able to set someone up as a person, and then at a later date invite them to become a user on my account. The person’s account would remain inactive until I issued (and they accepted) the invitation, but in the meantime, I could still add them to boards & groups (Casting call list, callback list, etc). Currently, I solve the problem by having a separate board of “potential” contacts, but this ends up with me having a lot of duplicate data flying around. And I miss out on some of the functionality of viewing reports on what lists, projects, etc people are assigned to. It would be easier if I didn’t need to distinguish between invited people and potential people— if I could just set everyone up as a person and activate/deactivate them as needed.

Improve board/column linking:
I need to track credits for film productions. I have a board of people. I have a board of film credits. The film credits board has a column which links back to the people, so I can track who did what on each production. Here’ the thing: often people work on multiple productions and take on different roles. So, in my contacts board, I’d also like to be able to scan through and see which productions each of my contacts has worked on. But when I add a linked field back to the credits, it doesn’t show the existing links that I already set up on the credits board. If i needed to summarize the data: If I needed to know, for example, which of my contacts are my most frequent crew members, there’s no way (that I’ve figured out) to easily view that data. I’d have to do a search, individual by individual

Faster/Easier Data entry

— You should be able to convert a text column to a linked column. If I import a spreadsheet which has a text list of contact names, I should be able to change the column to a linked column, and then (assuming the text matches) should do the linking for me.

— Allow automations & integrations from lookup fields. My crew list is linked to my contact list. The contact list has the e-mail addresses (because those stay the same from project to project), but the crew list has the roles/titles (because those change project to project. But if I want to e-mail my whole crew, there’s no way to do that. I can’t set up automations. I can’t even bulk copy and paste the e-mail addresses from into my e-mail program because there’s no copy/paste functionality.

— The date picker window is clunky. I’d like the option to type dates (instead of choosing them from a date picker window

— I’d like the ability to merge pulses (transfer updates from one pulse into another). Occasionally, I accidentally set up two pulses for the same item. E-mail updates go willy nilly into both. How do I correct this? How do I merge the pulses together and keep the updates in tact (or maybe drag the updates from one pulse to another)

— Mass entering data involves a lot of clicking around. Better keyboard controls please. Currently you have to enter pulse title. Hit return. Then click on a cell to edit. I should be able to enter an entire row by going from tab to tab (tab moves to next cell, return moves to new row)


Love the idea of merging pulses and having the updates/info boxes merge. Potential limitation here would be if the need for the Activity Log to be transferred as well.

Hey @typo and @Krishele,

Thanks for taking the time to share your use case.

-I think this could be very useful and I would be sure to pass this along to our product team for review. In the meantime, have you thought about using the dropdown column? You can add as many clients as you need and then use batch actions to add them to the relevant people column when necessary. Will this work for you?

  • You should be able to see the linked items from a linked item on another board. Are you using a mirror column as well?

  • Data entry suggestions are great. We are working on adding this functionality to automations and integrations. I do not have an ETA as this is a little more complicated because this information does not live on the board specifically.

Thank you so much for passing along this feedback. I will be sure to pass this all along.

Please do let continue to share. Don’t forget to help share some use cases in the other threads as well. :slight_smile:


That won’t work because I can’t just put people in groups. I have to also track what role each person takes in each group. Person A might participate in several different productions. In Production #1, she’s the cinematographer. In Production #2, she’s the camera assistant. In production #3, she’s the camera operator. (Etc.) So it’s not enough to have a dropdown that lets me put Person A in Production Groups 1, 2, & 3. I need an entirely separate board so that for each production, I can track Person A’s role.

It’s not working in both directions. I’ve got a board of contacts (name, e-mail address, phone, food allergies). Then I have another board of production credits. Each pulse in the production credit board is a different role in the project: (gaffer, cinematographer, script supervisor, etc). I then link each pulse (role) to a contact from the contact board, and include mirror columns for the contact’s phone, e-mail, and food allergy info. In this way, I get a nice, tidy crew roster for each production.

A few problems:

  1. the automations don’t work with the mirrored e-mail columns, so there’s no way to use my crew roster to communicate with my crew-- that’s a big problem. I can’t even copy/paste the e-mails from the column into my e-mail program. To e-mail the crew (or selected members), I’d need to export the group as an excel file, open in another program, copy e-mail addresses, & paste into my mail program

  2. The mirrored columns in the crew roster do not reflect back to my contacts list. Even if I add the appropriate linked column and point it at the board of rosters, the linked column is blank unless I hand connect the items from the other side. And even then, it will only let me link one item. A contact might be a member of many different production groups. But, looking at the contact board, there is no way to see all the different groups that the contact is linked to. I can’t even do individual searches because the linked/mirrored names on the group (crew roster) boards don’t appear in searches.

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SO MUCH YES to this >

This is important as I plan a project that not all are privy to yet, need to use people columns for resource allocation, and cannot unless the work is fully assigned to people who are aware of the assignment (which may be changed, when resourcing is fully reviewed) :ghost:


This is just common sense, we love monday, but there’s no efficiency in mouse > keyboard > mouse > keyboard and so on, AND when I hit enter to create the new item (so that I can update statuses and other columns), someone may be notified, before appropriate, because I’m not done on the row yet! :skull_and_crossbones:


This would be really useful to us, since we rely on clients sending emails to an outlook account (for support). They do not remember to take the email address off when they email the second, third and 4th time. this means a new item is created and the info in subesquent emails (updates to the pulse) are lost as we delete duplicates :pray:

As for this >

- The answer lies within the first ask - allow us to assign people without notifying them, thus we can set up their profile and email address within Monday, and the contact field could be a people field and automation could be used to send the notification here. :pray::pray::pray::grimacing::crazy_face::nerd_face::pray::pray::pray: