FIXED: API 2023-10 - board_relation and people columns now accept IDs not just INTs

Referencing Connect boards columns.

Today to mutate the linked items, you provide item IDs. However, item Ids passed to the mutation must be of type Int not type ID. This means we cannot directly pass the values we get from queries to the mutation. If we’re creating items and need to link them, we get the item ID back as string ID and need to coerce those to Int to connect the item for example.

Since its conceivable one day that using string IDs will become mandatory (such as the addition of word characters,) the sooner this can get resolved the better (maybe even as a hotfix to 2023-10 so we can address it during conversion to API 2023-10)

I have to assume this also applies to dependency columns as well.

I have seen several posts about this already because documentation has stated item IDs are now type ID - however in this use case the inputs for the mutation were not updated to ID and left as Int.

Hey @codyfrisch,

Thanks so much for your feedback. I just brought this update/hotfix/request to the team to see what we can do. I’ll be sure to update this thread and create a general announcement whenever we have an update!



This has been resolved, and it appears also people columns accept the people or team ID as a string now as well.

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