Folder levels (sub directories)

As a user, I would like to organize my boards into different folders levels. Currently, there’s only 1 level of folders which is restrictive.

Let’s look into the ability to create sub-folders to store boards in.


Hi Danny,

Thanks for this! Could you give us an example use case where it would help you in your monday account?

I think something like the following could be an example (a really quick sketch here)
Thoughts ?

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Notice how I need to create folders with same initial labels in order to visually keep them ordered. It would be so much more logical to have all these AMONT folders in one parent Folder :slightly_smiling_face:

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Subfolders would be a good way to manage the clutter in my mind. For a lot of my team the left pane has become difficult to use… and we all think in subfolders nowadays, anyways, with online drive solutions being the norm.


This is a great ask. I’ve been finding it difficult to organize the boards into a logical path. Have you thought about the ability to share folders with other folks as well? It’s cool how it’s custom to each user’s experience, but in some cases it might be nice to share the hierarchy.


I love this ask! Our team has begun to find the left nav impossible. At any given time, we have about three hundred client boards. BoltSwitch helps, but we’ve found the folders can make it a lot less intimidating. Subfolders would allow us to more appropriately group client boards and would clean up our left pane dramatically.


I like user permissions on folders AND second navigation becoming a growing issue with the redesign. The search is problematic for our team now… the Facebook group has already spoken to those issues, but managing board structure and search is becoming SUPER important for us power-users…


Hey - thanks for sharing. When you say that the folder structure is unique to each user’s experience, are you referring to the shareable boards/private boards? The folders in the main board section will apply to the whole account!


Many big companies are requesting subfolders and folders permissions.

I tell them that we want to facilitate the navigation and reduce the time to access to a board but for 200+ users accounts it becomes necessary, especially if the objectives can only be reached by creating hundreds of boards.

Also, being able to share a folder directly in the private or shareable board would help a lot.
Maybe a message can be displayed like when changing board types to warn that private data may be displayed in the boards contained in the folders (with confirmation request).

What do you think ?


Hi Julia,
I am referring to “shareable” folders.
I see how complicated that part can be though being that not all users have the same board accesses. Perhaps the board folders can inherit user permissions based on boards it contains ?
Again, I see how that can start making things a little more complex for this part of the request
Sub-folders though remain a higher priority for myself.


Thanks for clarifying Danny!

Hey @kolinhayes @StephaneGout @Danny @aprilconrad @cdann! Thanks for this amazing feedback! I’d be happy to share this with our design and product teams for future improvements and we’re already discussing how to best implement subfolders so please stay tuned for this in our announcements area (What’s new in your avatar)! :slight_smile:


+1 for subfolders. Shareable Folders will be also nict

  • 1 for subfolders, we can’t effectively organize our project boards without at least 1-2 more layers of subfolder structures available, currently we are looking at other potential solutions to manage our projects, please have this feature available asap, thank you!

I want to be able to use Monday to provide support services to multiple clients. It would be tremendoulsy helpful to be able to structure boards under a Client->Project structure plus manage access to boards at a project level. So I certainly really support the additional folder level request :grinning:


Sub-folders are very much needed! I’ve submitted a few requests in the past for this. It would help tremendously to help organize all of my boards (currently I have over 40)!


+1 for subfolders! Navigation/ organisation is becoming difficult due to how quickly we are creating new boards.


Also agree, the folder navigation is very unruly without the use of subfolders.

+1 as well


+1 for subfolders. We would also like to be able to apply board type and user permissions at a folder level. We are using the Unified Boards, but would prefer some folders not to be visible to all users.

So, for example, it would be great to assign a folder as Main, Private or Shareable (and the boards within that folder automatically take on that board type). Then assign the users who can access that folder and at the same time assign their unique permission level as Owner, Edit Everything, Edit Content, Edit Rows Assigned or View Only (our unique situation would like users to be able to be assigned to one of 3 levels of permission, Owners, Edit Content and View Only which is not strictly possible right now - we found a rough workaround but it has limitations in that our content editors can’t create new pulses or move pulses between groups or boards).

Importantly, if a user isn’t assigned to the folder then they wouldn’t be able to view it or even know it exists. This would allow users to have their own private folder structures and boards while also still being able to access the corporate folders shared with them.

We would also love to see the folders structures rolled out the mobile app.