Folder levels (sub directories)

Subfolders please! I just expected to have that feature. For example, what is the current expectation of a user and a folder system?.. I mean, I have persoanlly never experienced a product to offer folders without subfolders. The ability to organise information into subfolders would make it so much easier to manage my teams boards and make it intuitive for the team to see the board hierarchy and find things easily (limiting the time neccessary to teach and educate new team members on how it all works). Look forward to seeing this feature come to life!


We definitely need sub-folders. I work for an Ophthalmology practice with 19 providers, sub-folders is a necessity to organize information.


Please add Subfolders as soon as possible!

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Hey @Chris-Schmid @SheliC @BigMike @Demelza @jnelson_mserp @nicholasb @cschmidt @IanFury @steve @Bastian!

Thank you all for adding a plus one and this amazing feedback! I will be sure to share this with our design and product teams for future improvements.

Just as my colleague suggested we’re already discussing and exploring how to best implement subfolders so please stay tuned for this in our announcements area (What’s new in your avatar)! :slight_smile:


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+1 for subfolders. Would help me massively

Are we not going to talk about your “Feature Request” Board??

That’s genius and I want to start one asap! :pray::pray:

+1 for me too, subfolders or containers where I can set permissions inherited by all boards within that container. See also Users (guest) invited on folder level, inherited by all board in folder

Please understand that many solutions require more than just one board, setting permissions on a higher level for all boards inside a “container” of subfolder will certainly ease the management of a solution.


Hello everyone,

In the case for our marketing group this feature would be extremely helpful when managing the planning process for our conferences. We have logistics planning and marketing planning that may overlap at times but need their own separate space. We attend about 80 conferences a year so sub folders would be a good way to organize our data neatly without cluttering the boards with unnecessary columns.

Absolutely critical. My team, company, customers, projects are all growing and Monday is such a great tool for so many things we’re constantly adding boards to make our life easier. However, with this growth we’ve now created a cluttered boards panel on the left side of the page.

Sub folders would help clean it up.

For example, I have folders for each department/team which works great - but we also manage projects for customers and each customer has their own set of boards so each customer needs a folder but if we get 100 customers then our view is completely cluttered.



Same here, with many projects and product lines I would love to create

  • Brand X iOS APP

  • UI

  • Board 1

  • Board 2

  • Board 3

  • Management

  • Folder 1

  • Board 1

  • Board 2

This should be really introduced as a feature, now it’s a bit of a mess finding the right board.

Thank you

This would also really help us. As we add more people and boards to our account its getting very messy.


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YES YES YES +1 please

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Yes please, this would be to great to have!

Also if there is a way to automatically add ‘generated’ boards directly into specific folders would be great!

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As a member of a subteam within a team, and who has projects that repeat monthly, subfolders would be a massive benefit. We just started using, but I can tell that our left panel is going to get unwieldy very fast. Please make this a reality for us!


+1 for Sub Folders, that would be a great help for me and my team.

Any update regarding this improvement?


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YES YES YES YES +1 please

Mirror the comments of others.

With large, multi-tower teams, the main board navigation gets very busy not being able to nest. It also takes team members longer to find useful information as they have to dig through different root level folders.

This should have been a feature by now :frowning:

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Yes Please. Super required. Can’t believe this is not already part of the system. what if down the road we have 200 boards and majority are inactive projects or clients but we need to keep the data. we have no way to properly sort and organize the old boards/folders.

+1 Yes could use that here as well. We would like to have a subfolder for the projects that we are working on that are different categories, it will clutter up everyones left pane and will help on just keeping it archived under that folder once completed.

It actually was one thing we had negative on Monday against Smartsheet who has a great subfolder system, but we still went with Monday.

Yes!!! We also really need this feature added. We have so many projects where sub folders would be a welcome addition. We were also a little shocked when we realized there were no sub-folders. Please add ASAP!