Folder levels (sub directories)

This is a no-brainier to me! It would really up the functionally of the software. Any updates on this feature?

Essential feature - are we any nearer to implementation?

+1 For subfolders and also for folder colors

Any updates on a timeline for this @JustinJ or
This is a crucial feature that we need as a part of our Project Management process.

+1 for Subdirectories / Folders

Same here, we really need this “long lasting requested” feature. It’s such a mess on my board.

Yes please this feature…
Thank you monday

Hi everyone!

We’re excited to let you know that we will be releasing an amazing new feature to beta by the end of March, Workspaces, which should solve this pain point that many of you have mentioned.

Workspaces is a visual way to help add another level of hierarchy to your company, allowing you to better manage multiple departments, teams and locations in one unified place.

This can be used in a similar way to how you’d use subfolders, by creating different Workspaces for the different teams, and creating folders under each Workspace.

Stay tuned for the release! :sunglasses:

Hi @JessCohen, Jessica,

As I remember correctly this was originally planned for Enterprise license only, can you let us know for which license type this amazing feature will be available? Also, can you let us know a little more detail, like:

  • can we use a worksplace as a template
  • will there be support for workplaces in the API
  • can we invite users to all boards in a workplace in one go (security at workplace level)

Glad to be part of the beta testers team when time arrives.

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That was my recollection too. However the Monday 2.0 roadmap webinar now suggests this will be available on all plans, with advanced permissions (whatever they are) available to Enterprise only.

See (around 20.52)

Exactly, Workspaces as an organizational tool will be available for everyone!
This will allow non-Enteprise accounts to benefit from the hierarchy and organization that Workspaces will provide.
However, more advanced permissions (such as who can create Workspaces, open and closed Workspaces) will be an Enterprise feature.
Right now API and templates won’t be available but this is something we plan to develop down the line.
Regarding giving users access to all boards within a Workspace, that’s exactly what the Enterprise feature will look like. As soon as someone joins a certain Workspace, he/she will have access to all main boards within and Private/Shareable boards they’re invited to.

We’ll keep you updated on this! :slight_smile:


Hey @JessCohen when will this feature be available for Pro Users?
This is definitely a huge need for my organization.

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I would also very much benefit to the addition of sub-folders. I am excited about the proposed Workspaces option, but if I have to wait for much longer, it will be very difficult to continue using as a resource (my company only recently started using this, but already, we are in dire need of better folder organization tools for some upcoming projects).

Hey all! Finally, beta is out for Workspaces!
Read more about it in our latest Announcement:

Feel free to comment on that thread with any questions or feedback at all, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Subfolders with multiple levels are still definitely needed. Workspaces are good, but larger teams with multiple activities, projects, topic areas etc. need a way to logically organize many different boards within a given Workspace.