Folder moving between Workspaces


We have been using for a few months now, and in the meantime Workspace feature rolled out.
Now when we are getting our structure sorted out, re-organzing some of the data became a bit of a hassle. So - to the point.

  • As Admin - when moving a folder from one workspace to another workspace it will not move Private Boards or Shared Boards.

What happens is that a folder with “Main Boards” will be moved to desired Workspace, but a duplicate folder will be left behind with Shared and Private boards.

To clean up the structure, the board owners would need to move their own boards, but I would assume that in bigger companies, it would be really hard to track down people who “could have made private boards” in given folder. So as much as I understand the subject - unless the Admin has an idea which team member might have their Boards still hidden in that Folder, there’s no way to move it.

This is not a mayor issue for us, since I consider us still in babyshoes for Monday, and I “know” who has created which boards on which folder, but if any re-structuring is needed in the future or for bigger companies who would like to have clean workspaces and no duplicate folders lying around, it might raise as an issue.

My workaround was just asking people involved to check their boards, and move them into their given workspaces.

TLDR - my opinion is that Admin should be able to move Folder in a way, that everything inside gets transfered as well - no duplicates.

Any feedback about this subject appreciated.