Folders inside items/subitems files

The option to add files to every item and subitem is very useful and handy, but it lacks some elements that can make it a ture cloud in my opinion. For example, I am a real estate agent and every item is a listing. Sometimes there are plans for new building and after a while they change, so you want to divide them and put them in two separate folders for the same item. Now you can not do that and it’s all mixed up. As long as the functionality will be more like Google Drive, that will be awesome for productivty.
Plus, I can’t wait for this new features:

  1. Search data listed on Connected boards/Mirror through the mobile app + connecting data as well
  2. Creating automations for connected sub items & creating a new item in another boards. It works on items, yet not on subitems

Thanks for your great service that’s only getting better and better. Monday really shifted for the better the way I work.

Hey @Gal5252 :wave:

My warmest welcome to the community! I really appreciate your positive feedback and I understand there is always room for improvement for any platform, us included :slight_smile: Thanks for helping us become even better.

Regarding your specific points:

  • For adding Files to Items or Sub-items with folders, perhaps it might make sense to add the files in the Updates section instead? You could attach files to specific updates, and thus categorize your files by the relevant phase. Alternatively, I can only suggest adding multiple File columns as another workaround in the meantime. That said, folders would indeed be quite helpful :slight_smile:
  • I agree - it would be great to have the Connected boards functionality implemented on our mobile apps too;
  • We have just recently released the feature to map data from either sub-items, or main items when creating an item on another board. They would always be connected to the main item, if you use the connect boards action, but otherwise, this does seem like a great option that is already part of the platform:

What do you think?

I’ve also moved your topic to the appropriate section in our community forum, as the Apps & Developers section is focused on using the API and the Apps Framework, rather than general platform feedback. I hope that makes sense!


Hi Alex
Thank you so much for your elaborate response
Adding files in the updates section is a good idea for the meantime, thanks

As for the automation that creates an item right from a sub item, in another board. You’re right it works and it does open but when you do that it doesn’t mirror data. When you do that on a regular item, the mirroing does work. I was told it might be released, I hope soon


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