Follow workload on a dashboard when you have 50+ projects

Hello everyone,

What are your advice about dashboards when you have more than 50 projects (boards) to follow ?

I my exemple I have arount 100 projects and I would like to follow the global workload on one single dashboard but it is not possible. So what should I do ? If I create two dashboard I don’t have the complete workload, and I can t put multiple projects on the same board…

Thank you for your help,


Hi @corentin.dalfarra - This is why we like to develop master/child board architecture where all the tasks from all project boards are contained within a single master. From a reporting perspective, its a breeze to report on everything you track within a project (including workload).

If this isn’t an option I would check out the Team View app. Its FANTASTIC and give you an amazing perspective on overall resource usage: