For creating Tasks to specific Board Zapier / How to become Board ID against Board Name?

A new task can be created via Zapier in Unfortunately, the board ID must be clearly specified beforehand. I would like to have the board ID determined beforehand via the name of the board with a search, as we set a specific name there from another tool.

Alternatively, the board can already be created via Zapier, but the tasks underneath cannot, as the board ID is conditional in the subsequent node and is not available for selection.

Background, we create projects via Moco and want to recreate them as a board with tasks in one go.
So far, we can only create the board.

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Hi Dominik,

Welcome to the community! Hope you are enjoying it here!

You can search for board IDs using the boards query in the API. However, for your requests about Zapier, these would need to be directed to Zapier support. Thank you for your understanding!


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