For Monday Dream app contest do I have to integrate monday in app is compulsory?

Hi there, I am creating a restaurant app which has chatbot which gets the order for customer and also other query of customer. So, is it necessary to integrate in my app or it will till be counted for reviewing in dream app competition
Also, do I have to pick from the inspiration or I can have my own topic too?

Hey there @Dishant769 :wave:

Yes, it would indeed have to be connected to and the platform somehow in order for us to consider it as a contestant :slight_smile: The reason for this is that we provide our platform, SDK and support to help you build the tools you think will be most useful for other people, and in exchange, we also provide a way for you to share your app with users. Does that make sense?

To be transparent with you, you can definitely think outside the Inspiration box - those are just some suggestions and ideas we threw in there to help you get a general idea of what people might find useful :slight_smile:


Can you suggest me for a restaurant food ordering app with chatbot what should I add so that it can integrate with it will be really helpful for me


I’m not quite sure what would be the most relevant suggestions from my end here. :slight_smile:

Perhaps other members within the community would be able to provide their feedback on what they would be looking for? I’m afraid I haven’t had the opportunity to learn what are some features that would be an absolute must for restaurant owners in myself, but you could start with ways to visualize orders or bookings as a board view, for example. I would suggest thinking of tools that would provide the most value in your opinion since that’s the spirit of the challenge - making things better :slight_smile: