Form columns not in correct order when viewing in Main Table

I created a Monday Workform that when answers are submitted then populates to the Main Table. There are a bunch of questions and conditions in the form. However, when I go to the Main Table to check my answers, none of them are in the correct order. Is this a bug or did I do something incorrectly? I’ve spent DAYS working on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Cait!

When you say things are in the wrong order, are you meaning the columns (aka “questions”) are being rearranged in the board? Or the items are coming in out of order?

The columns and items should just be arranged in the order they were created by default - unless you specifically rearranged them.

I wonder if you have a column sort option on? Or perhaps a specific sorted board view?

Would you be able to attach a screenshot (with no sensitive information visible, of course) and explain how it differs from what you set up so we can take a closer look?