Form Submissions not triggering automations

We have a form that links to a board which allows our project managers to give us a quick top-line overview of their upcoming jobs and some of the requirements they might need for said job. We gather this information through a form created using Mondays FORM view.

On this board, we also have an automation that triggers once one of the statuses change. At the moment however, when a form is submitted and the board populated with this information, the automation is failing to be triggered.

The automation we use is ‘When a status changes to something , create a new board and notify someone’.

FIX: Could this either be applicable to ‘When a new item is created’ or alternatively, could the ‘form-generated’ information trigger the automation we put in place?

I hace some similar case, and the automation “when a new ítem Is created” Is what we use

is it sometimes or is it not working at all?

Hi @SamChristophers! Thanks for posting about this one! We are looking now to support form submissions for cross board automations but at the moment since you are using that, it will not trigger. We do support other automations though for form support. @hlopezvc and @alejencia - if either of you are experiencing these issues, feel free to reach out to our Customer experience team at so we can take a closer look! Cheers!

in our case “when an item is created”, works fine.

Problem is (as i was saying in other posts) that the user that fill the form not always is well registered in the creation column, most times it says that was me, as the creator of the board. This becomes worst when filling a form from the android app, because nobody on my team are logged on monday on the web browser app, only in the dedicated monday app.

Hi Hernan,

Yes, makes sense. The creation column shows the person who set the automation. Additionally, forms submitted from either mobile app is not yet supported with this as well. Our mobile team is aware of this and are looking to add this in the future! Cheers!

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thanks @lauraglev !!!
is all i want to hear :slight_smile: