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The notification feature in the automation panel is not very helpful as is, I need to be able to format the information in the field, right now it just dumps everything into the subject line of the email and one lump of paragraph as the body. Some people report being able to add basic html tags to the field but when I attempt that it simply adds the tags to the text.

I need this feature as well. My team would like to be able to set up automated notification emails when someone is assigned to an item. We’d like to be able to customize the email subject line. This would be helpful so we can write “Action Required” or something clear & practical in the subject line. The current setup has the entire item text populated in the subject line, which is not very helpful and can cause Monday notifications to get lost in a sea of emails. They also kind of look like spam.

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@Johanna @mordaskyt

I agree that notifications could be better formated.

One possible way to address this until notifications are changed is to use the custom automations to send an email instead of using the internal notification, like shown below:

Here you can control what goes into the subject and body.
If you don’t already use Google or Outlook for your email, you might consider creating a single user gmail account just to send these.

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