Forms for customers to complete with prefilled info

I posed the question to monday support staff and this was their response for those who are interested:

Hi there, Elliot,

Thanks for reaching out! Happy to help!

It is not possible to edit a preexisting form submission. Technically, this would just require a new form submission by the user/staff member!

You could have an integration set up with Integromat that when someone submits a form, it will create a “if this, then that” scenario. If you were to integrate with integromat, which is a third party platform, you can check out these articles for a bit more information:

Can integrate with other softwares?

How to create an automation or integration with Integromat

Additionally, here’s the integration I found for and IFTTT using Integromatt:

If you need further support, we also have an option for a paid assistance from one of our certified partners. I’d be more than happy to contact one for you - just let me know if you’re interested!

I am afraid the only other way to handle a form submission that needs editing is to do this manually or to have a user resubmit a new form entry!

Does this clarify?

Looking forward to hearing from you.