Formula, average & emtpy values

Hi everybody,

I need to do an average calculation on 12 columns (the 12 months of 2020). By default monday consider empty cells as 0. I would like that empty cells are not counted in the average (but that if a cell is at 0 then it must be taken into account). How to write the formula?



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Hi @Martin,

Normally I would say: sum({jan},{feb},{mar})/count({jan},{feb},{mar}) [just for a quarter]

HOWEVER, I think there is a bug in the COUNT() formula. The description reads “Counts the number of numerical items”, but an empty cell is counted as a numerical item (which is not) while a cell with value 0 (zero) is NOT counted.

My advise is to contact monday support (awesome response times) and report a bug on the count formula. Let us know here how they response to that.

This is very annoying. Null or blank is not zero. I don’t know why they are including it in the average formula. Zero = Zero.