Formula Column: Combining text and numbers

I’m working on a message column that will show a short message for the payables person. This column needs to have text and numbers.

The logic is this, when {Apply Retainage} is checked AND {Pay Retainage} is checked, THEN display: “Pay $1,000” .
The word “Pay” is the text and the $1,000 comes from this formula => 0.10 * {contract amount}

I have tried the formula below, but I get an error :

IF({Apply Retainage}, IF({Pay Retainage}, "Pay" & 0.10*{Contract AMOUNT}, "NOT YET"), "NO RETAINAGE")

All help is appreciated. Thank you in advance!


The basic issue is that when you want to combine strings (text) and numeric values using implicit type coercion, you must separate string operators from numeric operators. Specifically, in your formula you must put parentheses around the “0.10*{Contract AMOUNT}”.

However, I think this is closer to what you want:

IF({Apply Retainage}, IF({Pay Retainage}, "Pay " & TEXT(0.10 * {Contract AMOUNT}, "$#,###"), "NOT YET"), "NO RETAINAGE")

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Thank you @JCorrell! Your formula worked for me. :slight_smile: :+1:

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