Formula column not reflecting in powerbi data

Hi Team,

I have tried using @Guichaguri (Guichaguri’s gists · GitHub) powerbi script to connect board data into powerbi except formula column duration every data is listed , so could you please help me how to import formula column duration board into powerbi using query.

Hey @duken1
You need to use the General Caster app for monday to calculate formula operations and cast the result into “real” columns, which you can then use in your Power BI integration.

Hello @duken1,

The formula column’s result is not available via API.

You can either use an app (Like General Caster) to do this for you (cast the result in a different column type and then use that column’s result), or you can get the formula’s structure and then query for the values of the columns that are involved in the formula, perform the proper calculations on your end and then send the result via API to a column.

To do this, you would start with a query like this one:

  boards(ids: 1234567890) {
    columns(ids: "formula") {

I have to say the first option (an app from the marketplace) is much easier to implement.

Let me know if you have any other questions!



Agreed, Thanks @Matias.Monday for the information.

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Glad to help here!