Formula column to identify the gaps between 2 dropdown columns

Hi All!

I needed help in figuring out a formula.

I have 2 dropdown columns. One of them contains options for Required Skills for the job role. The second contains identical options for Actual Skills for the job role. The manager would select the Required Skills and the Actual Skills the employee has.
I want a formula column to show the gaps, meaning the options that are in the Required Skills but are not in the Actual Skills.
I’ve tried many different things, but can’t seem to figure it out.

Thank you in advance!

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Hey there! If you’re still stuck on this and want to go the formula route, we have formula experts (some may even say they’re wizards! :mage:) on our support team that would be happy to take a look! You can send us an email at

Alternatively, I would suggest using the conditional coloring or board filter features to show the items (probably each item is an employee, correct?) where the specific dropdown column skills are not selected in “Actual Skills”.

Let me know if this helps!