Formula column works for me as an owner but not for every member of the board

I currently have a dashboard for task list. I made a formula column that calculates the ageing of tasks. The issue is that, it works for me and I can see the contents of the formula but when my workmate checks it, the contents all have “!” in it and the error:

A column named “formula_1” doesn’t exist in this board.

What I’ve tried so far is:

  1. Create a duplicate column
  2. Delete the column and created a new one which is now named “formula2”

It still persist from the other members but not mine.

Hi @JKwan0304 !

Welcome to the Community!

Initially looking at your situation, I am curious if your formula is utilizing a mirror column or a column with permissions with it. If you are using a mirror column and you team members do not have access the board that you are mirroring, that could be why you are getting the “!”. It’s as if the formula cannot finish its’ statement. The same would apply if you are using a column that has the viewing permissions on it.

Hope this helps!

Hi @jailynnlucidday,

You are right. I restricted the column view for myself (as an admin) so it won’t be a clutter in the main board.