Formula errors out only on Mac

I am using the formula below to format a date the way I like. This hasn’t been a problem until I moved from Windows to Mac. On Windows the formula works no problem, on Mac it errors out with

Error: #VALUE!/Error: #VALUE!/Error: #VALUE!

Strange because I had assumed the formulas were processed server side. The formula:

IF({Closing Date}="","", month({Closing Date}) & “/” & day({Closing Date}) & “/” & year({Closing Date}))

Is there a way to fix this?

hi @psperry

Formulas are processed on the client side and that is why you can’t use them in triggers of reference them in any other way. The result is only visible in your browser and not know to the monday backend. Have you tried to use another browser? Are there any messages in the browser console?

Thanks @basdebruin,

I’m using Safari which is a sported browser. I will look for a security setting that might be causing the issue.

Thanks again.

I downloaded Chrome, even though I’m not thrilled with my data being monetized. But it is working now.