Formula for automating a revision date in the future

Here is my starting point: ADD_DAYS({Orig Pub Date},1095)
I am trying to:

  • create a formula that will take an original publish date of a curriculum and add 3 years
  • somehow indicate to me ahead of time that the revision is coming up in the near future (automation? color code?)

I am totally stuck.

hi @rchallway

Welcome to the community! It is easy to pus a date forward on status change with this custom recipe:

However, that pushes the original dat 3 year forward and I am not sure if that fits your use case.

You can also build a formula column (I am not the formula expert) like the one you mention but the outcome of a formula column can never be used in another automation (like to notify someone).

You can also build this custom automation based on the “When”

it will notify someone (or change a status etc) 3 years after the original date. The disadvantage is that the “future date” is not visible on your board.

The you can combine the formula and this custom automation but now you have to maintain the “36 months” at two places, the formula and the automation.

We just released a new app (see that sets a relative timeline based on an event. Let’s say there is a status with a value “CV confirmed” and when that status is set the app can create a timeline relative to the moment the status was set. This is a timeline but a timeline kind of acts as a date when both the start and end date are the same. Now you can build these two automation (first one requires that app).

Voila! Three days (or whatever you want) before the Timeline start the status will be set to “CV needs renewal” and when the CV is renewed you set the status to “CV Confirmed” and the new cycle starts again.