Formula for calculating priority based on Eisenhower matrix?

Hi community, I’m really ashamed about this question, but I cannot seem to be able to find a solution on my own, sooo, hope you can help me out…

Basically we have a board that has “Urgent?” and “Important?” columns and a priority column which is where we’re trying to set the formula up.

Urgent + Important = High
Urgent + less important or less urgent + important = Medium
Less urgent + Less important = Low

Any support or guidance will be highly appreciated,

Thanks <3


Here’s how I would do it:

"UrgentImportant", "High",
"UrgentLess Important", "Medium", 
"Less UrgentImportant", "Medium",
"Less UrgentLess Important", "Low","")

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Wow, I was so lost, but I just learned a lot with that @JCorrell, thanks a lot!

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