Formula linked to board with indexes

Hello, we have been using monday for a while, at first we used it for some very basic boards, but now most of our operation is based on monday. The more we used it, the more complex the boards and the interaction between them became, which leads me to my request:
It would be very helpful to be able to have a formula column that uses columns from other boards, indexed by a column.
In essence it’s object relations as in database models; Board 1 pulses have a relationship of 1-to-many to pulses in Board 2, and we would like to visualize in Board 1 processed data from Board 2.
Specific example: we have a projects board, were all the project related data is kept. There is a second board for project milestones with a status column and a link to projects’ board so each milestone is associated with the corresponding project. We need a column to visualize in the project board, how many milestones (count) are in a certain status (in our case, pending). Other aggregated data would be useful too, for example, the total sum of planned value associated with these pending milestones.
Hopefully i’ve explained myself well, if not, please let me know.
thanks for your time.

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Hey @mherrera

Thanks for sharing this!

It’s a bit tough for me to visualize your setup without seeing the boards.

Can you send over the screenshots of how they are built? I would love to understand better the needs you describe so we can pass the feedback along to the relevant people here.

Also, can you let me know what you use to manage? Mainly for project management?