Formula = Renaming Hours Left

Hello everyone,

I’m hoping you can help me with Annual Leave Request Form for our employees,
The employee can submit the annual leave request via ‘Form’ and then myself can decide to approve or decline the request. Once its approved and employee able see the renaming annual leave hours left

see the screenshot what I have set up so far;

The column ‘Renaming Ann’

The total hours of Annual Leave that employee have is 140 hours.

Ideal = 140 hours - the column ‘Total of Hours’ 33
I’m aware its not available on but do you have any idea or other way around it?

Looking forward hearing from you.

Hi @TJM12 - while there isnt a built in way to complete this directly there are a couple of workarounds to explore.
One thing that come to mind would be utilizing two boards. One, where the Form requests reside and using a connected fields to that board to summarize the requests in a single line for the employee.

I did a quick example for your review:

  1. Board called Requests (name, timeline, reason, hours (which calculates the hours based on the timeline)

The result in the board:

From there, in a separate board, create a connected columns field and connect it back to the Requests form and select the pulses for the employee.

Another (cleaner) option would be to use subitems however they are not supported with Forms.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @mark.anley

Thank you so much for your time looking into it.

Have a good day.

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