Formula – Subtract Days from Existing Date to Create New Date

Does anyone have a formula to minus a certain amount of days from an existing ‘Date’ column to create a new date that certain amount of days earlier. There was a tread that added days to from an existing date – RIGHT(LEFT(CONCATENATE(WORKDAY({Date}, 8)), 15), 11)

Any help is appreciated

If we wanted to subtract 15 days instead, we would use the function SUBTRACT_DAYS()

SUBTRACT_DAYS({Start Date},15)

where '{Start Date} is your existing {Date Column}

Hope that helps

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Hi Tm

Thanks for the help on this one…… does this do calendar days or workdays???


Hey Dan, sorry I meant to post the link to formula where I pulled that information from.
here is the reference: List of all available formulas – Support

After a quick test, that formula uses calendar days, not work days.

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