Formula to Automation Problem

Hi there-

My main goal: I am trying to change a status to pass or fail based on a ‘final score’ formula value > 50 pass <50 fail
-I understand formulas are generated on the front end and not backend which causes the issue. I am looking for a solution.

Background Fact Sheet-

-I have 7 formula columns that output values, that are summarized in a ‘final score’ formula.
-I have tried to use general caster to ‘rebuild’ the final score formula, however the 5 formula values are not visible in general caster to sum together - in order to replicate the final score formula.

The monday formula is:

SUM({Growing Market Calc}+{Non-Cyclical Revenue Calc}+{Non-Recurring Revenue Calc}+{Barriers to Entry Calc}+{Operating Leverage Calc}+{Capital Intensity Calc}+{Market Concentration Calc})

None of the “Calc” variables are found inside the general caster variable selectors when building the formula. Originally they were hidden, then I unhid them and neither scenarios populated the variables in the caster formula builder.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If there is another work around I am open to ANY solution to change the status automatically based off a formula value or to replicate the formula to number/text.