Formula to Calculate only if Date of Column is Before Today

What ‘IF’ statement can I create to put ‘0’ when a column date is past today’s date. Example:

Calculate the # of Days prior to Lease Expiration but do not calculate if the Expiration Date is past today

We have a board for all of our tenants past and present and do not need this calculated in the group of ‘Past Tenants’, though want it calculated in the group of ‘Current Tenants’, Here is the formula we want to nest into our IF Statement:

ROUND(DAYS({Lease Expiration},TODAY()),0,0)

Appreciate your help!


With what you’ve given, you don’t need an IF statement. Try this:

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We need a new title here in the community for you, @JCorrell! Something like “Formula Master”, lol.

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You are awesome and thank you very much!

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