Founders Column

Every week, a founder that answers the same 10 questions in a reflective manner.** This initiative was inspired by the book ‘Tribe of Mentors׳ and strives to share a perspective that is not so common. We often hear founders who share their business perspectives and talk about their success stories, but we rarely get a chance to get a peek into what drives them and their personal habits that make them into who they are, both in success and failure.


Hi fellow community people!

Every week we send the same list of questions to a different founder from companies of all sizes for our Founders Column in our Startup for Startup initiative here at

Last week, we featured a third time founder, entrepreneur Chen Levanon, currently the Co-founder and CEO of Kumbaya. Her drive is inspiring and so is her passion to make the world a better place through her values.

When asking her about her passion outside of her company she answered- "These days, I am very passionate about educating teenagers to prepare them for the real world as much as possible. Teaching them about entrepreneurship and how to earn money, spend, save and even donate.”

Read her answers here:

*If you’d like to participate yourself or recommend someone who should - please let us know by emailing Also all feedback is great so talk to us if anything is on your mind! :slight_smile: