Gamify My Workflow

Hi all, I’m Noah, just some random dude on the internet and not a monday partner (yet?) :stuck_out_tongue:
I created a new app called “Gamify My Workflow” as part of the Monday hackathon. I built it because I wanted to mix my insatiable desire for more in-game lives with my desire to get work done!

The app is actually a bit more than an app, it’s a gamification service. The current iteration allows users to earn in-game lives when they complete tasks (customizable via board recipes). With these lives, users are able to play a fun minigame “Battles!” written in Unity (with more games on the way).

Effectively the app uses gamification to boost productivity. For now it’s fairly basic, but I plan on implementing a management dashboard/admin panel to allow for the creation of custom rewards (both in-game, and real-world), leaderboards, full customization of games, and a public API so those inclined can make their own games.

This app is really meant to help those who struggle with motivation, we are effectively using the same addictive techniques that make mobile games so popular (and such huge time wasters) to make you more productive!

The app is currently free to use, but will become a paid service shortly (I have to host the games, database and app servers)

You can install the app here if you want to try it out:
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And here’s a quick tutorial on how to use the app:

Let me know what you think!


As a manager I absolutely love this concept