Gantt Dependency, Start after End , Start after Start, End after Start and End after End

As a newbie I was disappointed at the dependency behavior. Firstly, the Gantt Chart allows one to move the start of one task to before the end of the dependent task. This is not what I think of as a dependency behavior where one task is allowed to start if previous task ends. When dragging or changing the start date of a task there should be two possible behaviors: 1. Moving the start of the dependent task to a time before the end of the precursor task should push back the beginning and end of previous task (assume task duration is fixed). This would then cause slack time to its precursor task to decrease until it then runs into the end of another task, and so on, pushing back the entire time line, or. 2. If the precursor task is already completed or its end date is “pinned”, the precursor task should then not allow the dependent task to be moved back past that date.

As described this is how a Dependent Task Starts after a Precursor Task Ends. However, there are other possibilities and these should behave in a similar manner. Currently Monday does not allow the definition of a Dependent Task Start after a Precursor Task Starts, or a Dependent Task End after a Precursor Task Starts, or a Dependent Task End after a Precursor Task Ends.

I fully agree.
What is even more frustrating is that I have another project created 2 years ago where I have an Automation that does exactly what you (and I) need:

“Ensure that the DATE of the item always starts after the date of its DEPENDANT item.”

But it seems that this automation was removed and is no more supported (I cannot copy it from my old project to the new one).
So, I am considering moving to another project management software, because without this Automation, this is not Gantt, it’s just tasked linked to others.