Gantt view - doesn't show a bar when working with dates and doesn't allow for two dates be seen in one item row

I plan and manage projects, so I’m trying to use Monday for project planning and management.
I want to see a gantt of my project.
I plan most of my projects using the date columns not timeline, because timeline cannot be either automated or updated and needs manual updates which is not practical project management.
So I plan with due date and start date, end date, expected date etc’ etc’.
But the problem is when I look at the gantt I cannot see a bar using a date column, I can only choose one time column,
I want to have MS PRoject experience.

hi @aminster , Alex

There is a little app that converts 2 dates to a timeline and visa versa. It can be found here Apps Marketplace

Thanks great feedback I’ll try it out

Hi unfortunately doesn’t allow for an easy gant view over time with links to tasks