Gantt view export to PowerPoint functionality and print Gantt to PDF

While Gantt view is awesome, for executive reporting time and again it needs to be exported to PowerPoint. Currently this feature is not available, neuther can we print the Gantt view in PDF. This becomes evern more critical when we are maintaining roadmaps on Monday.

Completely agree with this comment. The Gantt view has been excellent for our customers but if they want to show it in a presentation to executives we currently have to take a screenshot instead of being able to export into PowerPoint. This would be a great feature.

True!! the Gantt view is amazing and if I want to show into directors I need this in ppt or at leat pdf

They have place export to PDF in Beta but currently it will on PDF a screen shot of the Gantt Screen, which if you have more than 12 tasks in a project, you lose everything past the first couple of tasks.

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