GarphQL - Try-it-yourself Result not as expected


I have some issues when trying the GraphQL in
Board A - 1877686330
Board B - 2519762415 (duplicate board of Board A)

Issue 1:
The items in both boards are the same, but the result doesn’t return any items for Board B if I change the board_id (I have checked the column_ids, they are still the same):

query {
    items_by_multiple_column_values (board_id: 1877686330, column_id: "statut77", column_values: ["OUI"]) {
        column_values(ids: ["statut77","personnes8","demandeur4"]) {

Board A

Board B

Issue 2:
The filtering doesn’t seem to work:
The items with status “A VALIDER” and “A CORRIGER” are returned in the list although the query is filtered by “OUI”

When I filtered by “A VALIDER” and “A CORRIGER”, the result return nothing:

Can you guys please help to check what is wrong here?


Br, YarHuoy

hi @yarhuoy

Reading this one Items By Column Values is mentioning the column_type. I miss that one in your query. Could that be the reason?

HI @basdebruin ,

But this shouldn’t cause the query to be working on Board A but not Board B right?
I’m using this: Items By Multiple Column Values

Is it possible that there is a “temporary table” on Monday side which is used for filtering purpose and the “table” is not up to date?

Br, Yar Huoy

I agree, but trying wouldn’t hurt I guess :slight_smile:

HI @basdebruin

As expected, this doesn’t work either :slightly_smiling_face:

Br, Yar Huoy

That is weird, I seem to have the same issue in the playground. Maybe something for the monday support team?

Hi @basdebruin ,

How can I direct to them? or maybe better

@basdebruin okay, thanks!

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