GCal integration

Hi there,

I firstly must say I love the Gcalendar integration function and love the fact that when an item is created in either Monday or GCal it automatically syncs with the other system (when using start/finish columns).

One question though… when an item is deleted from GCal it doesn’t automatically delete from Monday and Vice Versa - is there are reason for this, and if not, is it something the Monday team are considering?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hey again @Jo_Simmons ,

Currently, I’m afraid that deleting an item on monday.com or an event from GCal will not automatically delete the item or event it was related to. This is the expected behavior at this time, but I’m more than happy to pass this as feedback along to our product team.

I’ve made sure this topic is in the Automations & Integrations feedback section, so our team would have better overview about this specific behavior. As always, thanks so much for helping make monady.com better and better! I appreciate it.


Thanks for the feedback Alex!